remote update, paper & poster

Just a few quick lines today to

  1. announce an update to the remote package (1.0.0 now on CRAN)
    We have uploaded a first major release of remote to CRAN a couple of weeks ago. Most relevant changes are:

    • bottleneck functions deseason() and denoise() now implemented in C++ (user can decide whether to use C++ implementation or original R version via use.cpp argument)
    • remote now has two vignettes highlighting comparison between old and new versions of deseason() and denoise() (see example below)
    • CITATION file has been added with citation to paper in Journal of Statistical Software (use citation(“remote”) to display in R) which brings us to…
  2. … the release of our paper in J STAT SOFT
    finally, our paper on remote has been published in J STAT SOFT. The paper gives a comprehensive overview of the functionality provided by remote. There is also some additional data and code to reproduce all of the analyses and figures from the paper, including an exercise on how to use remote for statistical downscaling of gridded data. In case you want to know more and are at…
  3. … useR! 2015
    come visit us at our poster on Wednesday evening and have a chat over a beer or two. So long, and thanks for all the…

Check for equality between old R-based deseason() and new C++-based deseason(). see for details

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