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mapview 1.0.0 now on CRAN

we are happy to announce that mapview 1.0.0 has been released on CRAN. Together with Florian Detsch (R, Rcpp), Christoph Reudenbach (js) and Stefan Woellauer (js) we have put together a powerful tool for on-the-fly mapping of spatial data during … Continue reading

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Introducing the ‘gimms’ package

This is a guest post by Florian Detsch What it is all about With the most recent update of the AVHRR GIMMS data collection to NDVI3g (Pinzon and Tucker, 2014), we decided to create a package from all functions we … Continue reading

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mapview 0.5.0

I have put some more effort into mapview. The current version 0.5.0 has some new features which make the whole experience much more user-friendly. In a nutshell, changes/additions are as follows: mapView() is now also defined for SpatialPixelsDataFrame all Spatial … Continue reading

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mapView: basic interactive viewing of spatial data in R

Working with spatial data in R I find myself quite often in the need to quickly visually check whether a certain analysis has produced reasonable results. There are two ways I usually do this. Either I: (sp)plot the data in … Continue reading

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remote update, paper & poster

Just a few quick lines today to announce an update to the remote package (1.0.0 now on CRAN) We have uploaded a first major release of remote to CRAN a couple of weeks ago. Most relevant changes are: bottleneck functions … Continue reading

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Unsupervised Google Maps image classification

This is a guest post by Florian Detsch Prerequisites Required packages First, we need to (install and) load some packages required for data processing and visualization. The below code is mainly based on the Rsenal package, which is a steadily … Continue reading

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remote is the new Reot

If you have used Reot before and tried to install it from CRAN recently, you may have noticed the following message: Warning in install.packages : package ‘Reot’ is not available (for R version 3.0.2) This is because the Reot package … Continue reading

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Introducing Rsenal – magic R functions for things various

Today, I would like to quickly introduce our package “Rsenal”. It is basically a collection of R functions that we use in our daily lives at Environmental Informatics Marburg. The package is hosted at GitHub and can be installed using … Continue reading

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Reot: Empirical Orthogonal Teleconnections in R

We are happy to introduce Reot, an R package designed for empirical orthogonal teleconnection (EOT) analysis of gridded geo-scientific space-time data based on the method by van den Dool et al. (2000). EOT denotes a regression-based approach to decompose spatio-temporal … Continue reading

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Update to metvurst

Here's a quick update to metvurst in response to some issues encountered over the last weeks. The most important change is that the strip() function now returns the plot object rather than printing it. This means that we can work … Continue reading

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