Creating publication quality graphics using R

grid manipulate

As part of a one-day workshop, I have developped an online tutorial on how to create publication quality graphics using R (from an academic point of view).

The tutorial can be found here

As mentioned in the tutorial, feel free to send me any feedback, criticism, general comments or bug reports.



Btw, the entire tutorial was created using Rmarkdown and knitr. The .Rmd file can be found here

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3 Responses to Creating publication quality graphics using R

  1. Yihui says:

    Since this Rmd document is already a part of your R package, I believe the best thing to do is to make it a package vignette:

    BTW, thanks for the amazing tutorial!

    • Tim Salabim says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Yihui. If this is the proper way to deliver tutorials with packages, then I will surely convert it to a vignette. After all, this package is partly intended to be a teaching tool.

  2. nzcoops says:

    Great post. I emailed Tim but given the popularity of this post on R-bloggers I’ll post here too 🙂 I think the R world is crying out for a thorough tutorial on file output, what to specify when exporting the graphs etc. I regularly battle with customising themes up the waahzoo and different output settings when outputting graphs, even getting a good res for exports to powerpoint without the plotting components getting out of wack can be a challenge. res, dpi, fontsize, pointsize etc etc, inchs, points, pixels >_<

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